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Space Age Sputnik Bar Stool

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Nothing says Space Age like a George Nelson Clock, George Jetson’s space car or the Soviet launched Sputnik satellite.

Sputnik Satellite

Sputnik Satellite

Like the Sputnik satellite the Sputnik bar stool has gleaming metal surfaces and looks like it is moving even when its not.  Angled, tapered chrome legs, a chrome rimmed round seat that can be upholstered in glittering Naugahyde Zodiac vinyls make this chrome bar stool the perfect seating option for any Space Age interior.

Naugahyde Zodiac Glitter Vinyl Upholstered Seat

Sputnik Bar Stool Seat

Sputnik Bar Stool Seat

Make your next chrome bar stool a Space Age Sputnik Bar Stool.

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